Automobile Giant Lamborghini in the Blockchain World with Space-themed NFT- ForexProp

Automobile Giant Lamborghini in the Blockchain World with Space-themed NFT- ForexProp

Known for its speed, Lamborghini isn’t staying behind in the world of blockchain, as the automobile giant announced the release of its first NFT in February. The company will auction a series of NFTs produced in collaboration with Swiss artist Fabian Oefner, NFT Pro, and Sotheby’s.

The NFT — an image — depicts a Lamborghini disintegrating into its core component as it takes flight into space. Titled “Space-Time Memory,” Oefner spent hours studying the Lamborghini Aventador Ultimate to create an accurate sketch of what the final image would look like.

All the car parts were later photographed in a makeshift photo studio at a Lamborghini factory in Sant Agata Bolognese.

Unlike many other NFTs, the Lamborghini artwork will have five tangible items that are paired with the digital works. These physical objects should continue to hold value even if the NFT craze collapses, largely because the items have been to space — yes, space — as part of the endeavor’s human space exploration theme.

Lamborghini sent pieces of carbon fiber to the international space station in 2020 as part of a joint research project.


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The physical Space Key, which contains those same bits of carbon fiber, will be something the winners of the auctions can hold — and brag about.

The carbon fiber squares are housed in a special case and are engraved with individual QR codes that correspond to the accompanying digital artwork created by Fabian Oefner, an artist known for a series of pieces that highlight the mechanical world via mind-bending photographs.

On the digital side will be Oefner’s exploded image of a Lamborghini Ultimate floating above a photo of the Earth

The image, called Space-Time Memory, was created using 1,500 individual photographs of the vehicle’s parts which were assembled digitally to resemble a spaceship launching into space, above the Earth with a trail of small mechanical parts trailing behind.

The image of the Earth in the background was taken via a weather balloon sent to the edge of the stratosphere.


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