Did Satoshi himself Was The First Commentator Of The Bitcoin White Paper?

Did Satoshi himself Was The First Commentator Of The Bitcoin White Paper?

Gerald Votta from Quantum Economics has a new theory on the true identity of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto: the author of the first reply to the White Paper itself.

Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous inventor of Bitcoin, disappeared in 2011 there has been no shortage of theories about his identity.

Hal Finney, Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, Nick Szabo, and Craig Wright have all been cited as possible contenders (even if CSW is the main person pushing that last theory.)

Now, after months of research Quantum Economics’ Director of Gamefi Research Gerald Votta thinks that he has found the answer to Satoshi’s true identity.

Canadian cryptographer James A. Donald. In a new research article piece on Nov. 17, Votta outlined intriguing circumstantial evidence he believes proves the link.

Donald was the very first person to comment on the Bitcoin White Paper in 2008, which piqued Votta’s interest. 

Votta wrote that the “almost instantaneous” timing was “very suspicious,” and led him to “look further into his [Donald’s] life.”

Votta wrote that Donald also fitted the bill down to a tee: "Not only did Donald have an advanced understanding of computers, programming, and cryptography. 

He was well versed in economics, history, and law. It would be his own words, however, which helped me connect him to Satoshi Nakamoto."

This is not the first time the theory has come up. Back in 2014, a forum post by user Bruno Kucinskas on a Bitcoin forum also pointed to the same evidence about the speedy reply sparking a debate. 

One user argued the timestamp varies between different archives, and another suggested the time zones were different from those proposed which would call into question the length of time between the post and the reply.

There is also the possibility that Satoshi and Donald spoke privately before posting the question and response publicly. 

Votta told Cointelegraph that he had read all these counterarguments, but that his evidence “speaks for itself”. 

He noted that the website for Donald’s project Crypto Kong alone “is literally Bitcoin incarnate.”

Votta’s research delved into Crypto Kong, a software program that uses elliptic curve cryptography to sign documents electronically. 

“This particular program is eerily familiar to the foundational basis of Bitcoin,” he wrote, with Votta's blog post delving into similarities between the information on the site and the White Paper.

Adding to the evidence, on the main Crypto Kong page on the echeque website, there is a minimized example of Kong on the right side of the screen, with a digital signature that matches the one sent to Satoshi Nakamoto up to the thirty-fourth character. (Continue reading)



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