GamePin launches NFT platform to address congestion, high fees for users- ForexProp

GamePin has launched its platform focusing on end-users who often have cumbersome and expensive experiences.


The platform was developed on its proprietary blockchain specifically to tackle congestion issues and high fees that plague current nonfungible token (NFT) markets.

There are no mining fees associated with GamePin’s blockchain.

GamePin is powered by modern cloud technologies to ensure massive scalability. The platform offers revenue sharing to let the users make money with its affiliate program.


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The user experience is simplified to focus on engagement between content creators and consumers. Because the platform uses fiat currency, there is no need for users to create and manage additional cryptocurrency accounts on third-party sites.

For additional security, Gamepin uses the Advanced Encryption Standard — AES256 — to secure transactions both in-flight and at rest.

All blockchain transactions are cryptographically signed and verified before being written on the ledger. The platform is implementing video games and music functions in the third quarter of this year.

- Coin Telegraph

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