Today News: BTC/USD [24 Nov 2021] - FXsources

Today News: BTC/USD [24 Nov 2021] - FXsources

Bitcoin Once Again Is a Risk
Asset and No Haven

Speculative stocks on Monday had a rough day

as did Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin May Drop to $55,000 Soon

The BTC/USD price remained under pressure as investors

Bitcoin is trading at $57,600, which is about 16.55% below

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Bitcoin Prices Fall To Their Lowest
In Almost 6 Weeks

Bitcoin prices suffered some weakness today

dropping to their lowest since mid-October

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Bitcoin Continues to Slip to
Values Below $57,000

Bitcoin showed signs of recovery over the past weekend

in value yet again. Bitcoin is currently trading at $62,320

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Bitcoin whales plan to buy BTC higher as fresh
Mt. Gox payouts add to market fear

Whales reposition their BTC buy bids higher as price

bore those seeking a continuation of the Bitcoin

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