Ukraine war latest: Russia may use 'strategic' nuclear weapons - with Putin 'deeply in trouble' after mobilisation order

Ukraine war latest: Russia may use 'strategic' nuclear weapons - with Putin 'deeply in trouble' after mobilisation order

Vadym Prystaiko, the ambassador of Ukraine to the United Kingdom, was interviewed by Sky News and said that Vladimir Putin is "desperate" and that "all of us, we're winning."

Mr. Prystaiko continued by saying, "This is a nice aspect to it." According to Mr. Prystaiko's observations, the Russian president is also attempting to "intimidate all of us."  "I believe it won't work."

Mr. Prystaiko made the following statement with regard to the course of events in the future: "We simply believe in the hope that there are some forces around him (Putin) that will be able to tell him that, you know, 'we are going nowhere, we're going down and we're carrying the whole nation with us.'"

Mr. Prystaiko made the following statement in response to Mr. Putin's assertion that he is not bluffing: "The first indication that someone is genuinely bluffing is when they declare that I'm not bluffing when they themselves are actually bluffing.


"In the event that this did not occur, actions such as preparing the nuclear weapons would be taken.

"Since they are not doing it, this indicates that he is looking for a magic wand that would enable him to get out of the situation because he is in serious, serious difficulty. He is attempting to discover this wand.

"And take a look at what's going on on the streets of Moscow right now. During the demonstrations, the police have already detained some people in a number of places, totaling more than a thousand people

"The purchase of (airline) tickets has been completed in full.

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"And, you know, people are wanting to escape this war for reasons that are understandable, because we will fight to the death," the speaker said.

Mr. Prystaiko made the following statement in regard to the danger posed by nuclear weapons: "We are getting ready for it now. You are probably aware that we already have gas masks in Ukraine.

Therefore, in the event that he (Putin) would go for something idiotic like that, we are making preparations for our infrastructure.

When Mr. Prystaiko was asked whether gas masks were sufficient, he said that "special medications" were also required, and that it would be essential to evacuate the crowd.

"Unfortunately, we are now engaging in such activity. We are one of the few nations that genuinely understands the nature of the nuclear threat that exists in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster.

Since then, all of the thirty plus years that have passed, we have been in pain. Therefore, we are aware of what it is."


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