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So, What's holding you?

US Senate Finance Committee asks digital asset community how to tax it in open letter

US Senate Finance Committee as...

Community members may want to read up on the intricacies of tax l... Read More
The Power of Harmonic Patterns: Advanced Strategies for Forex Traders

The Power of Harmonic Patterns...

Harmonic patterns have emerged as powerful tools in the world of... Read More
Oil prices rise ahead of inflation, Fed cues

Oil prices rise ahead of infla...

Oil prices rose in Asian trade on Tuesday, buoyed by the prospect... Read More
Canada's court deems emoji valid as a contract agreement: Report

Canada's court deems emoji val...

The case sought to determine whether a Canadian farmer had agreed... Read More
Coinbase was aware of securities law violations, the SEC claims in letter

Coinbase was aware of securiti...

According to the SEC, Coinbase recognized the probability tha... Read More
Can you Short a Cryptocurrency?: Know the Facts

Can you Short a Cryptocurrency...

Before we describe how to short cryptocurrency, let's fir... Read More
What is stochastic RSI vs. RSI?

What is stochastic RSI vs. RSI...

What exactly is the Relative Strength Index? The RSI is a... Read More
What happens after a rising wedge?

What happens after a rising we...

A wedge pattern is commonly associated with the top or bottom... Read More
How do you trade a rising wedge?

How do you trade a rising wedg...

The rising wedge pattern is a highly effective strategy for i... Read More